About us

We are working in a traditional job from the years of our great grandfather. Dionysis have been raised into the sea boats following his grandfather’s and his father’s steps. The sea and the fishing with the caique are a magical and unique experience that everyone should live, even once in his life.

Since 2019, Captain Dionysis along with his wife Christina decided to have this unique trip with all of you, including the art of cooking in it. You can be our “sailors” and travel with us to marine culinary horizons and find out the way we are fishing with our nets.

Our beautiful trip starts at 9:00am from the graphical port of Agia Kyriaki in Zola village and we return back at 16:00.

When we leave from the port, we are directing through the spot where Captain Dionysis have thrown his nets in the last night. If you wish, you can help with the catch of fishes.

After this unique experience, we will tour in magical beaches that can be approached only by boats!

Guests are invited to join in with collecting the catch if they wish to

Places we visit

Camari Cave

Blue Lagoon

Fteri Beach

Amidi Beach

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Camari Cave

Sunset Tours

We also offer an afternoon tour.

We start at 17.00 p.m. and return at 21.00. We will guide you to all the beaches of the caves amydi, Fteri and Kamari where you can swim and enjoy a wonderful dinner from the morning fishing. If you want, you can fish for a line during the tour. We will refresh you with homemade lemonade and much more while enjoying the colors of the sunset.

An interesting and relaxing experience worth living!!!

Lunch Time


Our meal includes:

  • Grilled and fried fishes from our catch.
  • Greek salad with fresh vegetables
  • Oil and olives from our captain’s crop
  • Bread baked on the coals.
  • Plenty of wine
  • Homemade lemonade
  • Homemade limoncello
  • After the meal we serve you  fresh fruits.

Come along with us to live a different experience and we promise you unforgettable and unique memories!



For bookings and date availability or any other information, please leave a message below or send an email at [email protected]