About us

Dionysis Gasparatos’family have been fishermen since their great-grandfathers’days.

Dionysis was raised on the seaboats,following his grandfather’s and father’s steps. He is a fourth generation fisherman.

“Fishing on a caique is a magical and unique experience which everyone should be exposed to,even once in their lifetime.” he says.

Fishing Tourism started in Greece in 2015. It can be carried out by professional fishermen who hold a Tourism Fishing licence.

It includes the demonstration of fishing techniques as well as the usage of particular methods and tools by the tourists themselves or the direct and active participation of the tourists in these activities and practices.

In 2019, Captain Dionysis along with his wife Christina decided to offer this unique trip to all those who would enjoy the experience of caique-fishing including the art of woking on it.

Dionysis stresses the active participation of the people who decide to take their tour.

“You can be our “sailors” and travel with us to pristine beaches of unparalleled beauty,finding out about fishing with nets. Your reward? A mouthwatering meal on the beach with a variety of from-the-net-to-the-grill fish!”

Our beautiful trip starts  from the graphical port of Agia Kyriaki in Zola village.


The tour starts at 9:00 a.m and it finishes at 15:30 p.m.

The participants are welcome aboard with homemade cookies,coffee and tea.

After leaving the port, the boat heads for the spot where the fishing nets had been thrown the previous night.

“Everyone who wishes to help us get the fish off the nets is most welcome!”

After this enjoyable experience, the boats will head for the magical beaches that can be approached only by boats.

Guests are invited to join in with collecting the catch if they wish to

Places we visit

Camari Cave

Blue Lagoon

Fteri Beach

Amidi Beach

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Camari Cave

Sunset Tours

We also offer an afternoon tour.

We also offer private(family and/or friends) or group tours in order to enjoy the sunset. We set off at 17:00 and return at 21:30. The only difference with the morning tour is that we do not lift the fishing nets. We will pay a visit to all the beaches where you can swim and dive and then you will enjoy the meal at Kamari beach.

Lunch Time


  • The meal includes the catch of the day on the grill and on the frying pan,being fritted with meslin.
  • Calebrated Greek salad.
  • Bread toasted on the grill.
  • Olives arranget by captain Dionysis himself.
  • Plenty of Cefalonian wine.
  • Before the meal we will offer you homemade lemonade and seasonal fruit.
  • After the meal we will offer you traditional sweets of Kefalonia accompanied by Lemoncello, Tentura and Mastic.

All these you can enjoy in the cool shade of  the 20-metre-high cave.

"Join us in order to be exposed to the art of fishing and have an unforgettable and unique experience full of wonderful memories".

Voskopoula since 1910

Traditional Handmade Sweets of Kefalonia

  • Classic Mandola: Roasted almonds with sugar and vanilla flavour.
  • Mandola with honey: Roasted almonds with honey, butter and lemon juice.
  • Comfeto: Paste of roasted quince with sugar,
    honey, spices and almonds.
  • Nougat: Soft vanilla flavoured nougat with


For bookings and date availability or any other information, please leave a message below or send an email at [email protected]